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Prairie Underground Spring 2009

Spring 2009 @ nolita

Davora and Camilla have managed to steal our hearts yet again this season. They are introducing some really cute new styles this Spring! We really took our time deciding what color and style combinations were the very best. Sometimes we even lost sleep over it! If you find yourself debating over styles and colors, or if you want to place an order, shoot us an email at or call 502.274.7114. As in seasons past, we offer FREE SHIPPING* on Prairie Underground. *FREE UPS GROUND ON BLOG PURCHASES OF $100 OR MORE

Color: Graphite

We predict the wear-with-everything Dreamcatcher Jacket will be the next must-have item for any woman who already owns a Prairie Underground hoodie. It has the perfect drape, and it can be worn open, closed, cinched, or buttoned. It looks great with jeans, skirts, or leggings. We chose it in Graphite, for a dressier feel. Order by emailing

Color: Natural
The new Victorian Hoodie is the answer for those of you who find the Short Cloak Hoodie a little too flared at the waist. The Victorian Hoodie fits like a "feminine bomber jacket". It has delicate lace trim lining the zipper instead of ruffles along the pockets. It does have the same hood as the Cloak Hoodies, and a full-length sleeve. We chose it in natural, so you can see all the details often lost in darker colors. Order by emailing


Another Spring 2009 favorite: the Jumbo Totes! We freaked out when we saw our sales rep carrying the prototype of this bag last year. Prairie Underground's Jumbo Totes are made of a very substantial Organic hemp and cotton blend. The prints on them are just dynamic...and limited edition. The bottoms are reinforced with sturdy fabric. There are several interior pockets, and a clip inside makes it easy to expand for more room. So, here they finally are...for a fleeting moment, anyway. They did not produce very many, so these are sure to be collector's items.

Order one by emailing

Above: Cracks Jumbo Tote

Above: Eyeballs Jumbo Tote

Color: Avocado

We couldn't resist one of their newest colors, Avocado, even though we typically like black and neutrals. We ordered it in the 3/4 Sleeve Short Cloak Hoodie, which is just enough color for us, but not too much. Think the inside of a fresh, ripe avocado, and that's the color it is in real life. We love the Avocado Cloak Hoodie worn with denim. Or cowboy boots, if you like that sort of thing. To order, please email

Color: Ink Pot

We fell in L-O-V-E with a color called Ink pot, a flattering-on-everyone dark purple. We were so smitten, we custom ordered it in both the 3/4 Sleeve Short Cloak and the Long Cloak Hoodie. Ink Pot goes well with both black and brown accessories! The purple is not too bright or overwhelming, and we know you'll be smitten, too. Ink Pot was offered in the Fall of 2008, but not many stores ordered it because the zipper was a bright contrast color. We asked, "Can Prairie Underground make the zipper darker?". They said yes! And, as a result, we are one of few stores with Ink Pot, and we like it that way. To order, email


Color: Natural

Of course, we'll always have the Signature Prairie Hoodie if you want (another) one. We think the new color natural looks fresh and light. You just may need to purchase this goes with everything! If you're not "ready" for the natural, may we suggest the Olive? It was so popular last Fall, we ordered it again! Or, we usually also have black, grey, or brown in stock. Get one by emailing

Color: Drab

Sure, drab sounds boring...but it's everything but. Drab is a steely green-grey, like tormented, stormy skies. Drab is darker than last season's "Grey Flannel" and a bit greener than "Graphite". At first, you may not notice it. But then, it wins you over with its unexpected neutrality. If you'd like to order, please email

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Thus ends the tour of the Spring 2009 Prairie Underground Collection. While we do our best to keep the blog up-to-date, it is really best to email or call 503.274.7114 for current inventory. As always, we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100. For all you list-lovers, here's everything in an easy-to-read list:

Prairie Underground Styles at Nolita, in Portland Oregon:

Style #102 Long Cloak Hoodie in Drab $249 *organic cotton
Style #102 Long Cloak Hoodie in Inkpot $249 *organic cotton
Style #35 Prairie Hoodie in Olive $219 *organic cotton
Style #35 Prairie Hoodie in Natural $219 *organic cotton
Style #83 3/4 sleeve Short Cloak Hoodie in Avocado $198 *organic cotton
Style #83 3/4 sleeve Short Cloak Hoodie in Ink pot $198 *organic cotton
Style #168 Victorian Hoodie in Natural w/ lace trim $198 *organic cotton
Style # 173 Dreamcatcher Jacket in Graphite grey $259 *hemp/cotton
Style # 183 Jumbo Tote in "Eyeballs" screen print $239 *organic hemp/cotton
Style #183 Jumbo Tote in "Cracks" screen print $239 *organic hemp/cotton

Style # 89 Short Cloak Hoodie (reg. sleeve length) in Brown Out $198 *organic cotton
Style #35 Prairie Hoodie in Graphite $219 *organic cotton
Style #102 Long Cloak Hoodie in Black or Grey Flannel $249 *organic cotton

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